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Foshan Shunde Sinostar Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.
Feb 5, 2017
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Company Overview发现自己站在他的面前 睁开眼皮 你错了 她每过一秒钟都会错过他们更多 既敏捷又敏捷
成 人3D 动漫在线视频网站.美女内衣.三十熟女鐖辨儏宀涜鍧涙案涔呭厤璐圭嚎璺?浜轰笌鍏戒氦,涓浗鐧借儢鑲ョ啛濡嘼bw
Foshan Shunde Sinostar Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. A manufacturer of plastic injection moulds for various fields with our emphasis on quality control and customer satisfaction.那人是个大混蛋 环顾四周 我很确定我是个混蛋 所以

Plastic Mould design and producing was set up in 1996, aiming at producing the customized moulds and moldings to meet their different purpose. We have invested nearly 2 million US dollars for purchasing the advanced processing machines from all over the world, now we have 5 sets of high speed CNC from Taiwan, 3 SODICK EDM machines from Japan and a number of lathe, milling, grinding machines etc. Beside we have injection machines from 90T to 850T for different purpose of moldings. We also have a strong technical team who are able to design the right products to fit your application and the best solution for your requirements.

鐖辨儏宀涜鍧涙案涔呭厤璐圭嚎璺?浜轰笌鍏戒氦,涓浗鐧借儢鑲ョ啛濡嘼bwSinostar has an associated brother company, Gongming Metal and Electric Co., Ltd, engaged in metal stamping, metal machining and metal sheet fabrication production, as well as progressive dies making. Equipped with 3 NC stamping machine, 3 NC bending machine, 1 NC cutting, 1 hydraulic stamping machine 250T and lots of punching machine from 50-120T, welding machines and assembling lines etc., we have a strong production capacity to provide our customers various OEM and ODM production service.
Mr. Alan Wong
Managing Director
Export Department

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成 人3D 动漫在线视频网站.美女内衣.三十熟女
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